Fáilte Ireland Safety Charter

The COVID-19 Safety Charter is a Government-endorsed initiative to reinforce confidence in domestic and overseas visitors in tourism businesses. The COVID-19 Safety Charter is designed to give comfort and reassurance to employers, employees and customers that your business is ready to re-open safely.

We have successfully completed our application for the Failte Ireland Covid-19 Safety charter

For our sanitising solution, we have choosen Zoono Technology, the benefits of which are:

  • Normal disinfectant lasts up to 2 hours, Zoono Microbe lasts for up to 30-days
  • All surfaces and handles, kitchen utilsils and switches in our cottages are treated to keep these areas free from bacteria and viruses.
  • It is non-toxic, non -staining and alchol free.
  • It is proven technology. View more information on the Zoono Techology website