Rock Climbing

Rock climbing began in the Burren area as early as the 1930's and since then, the region has gone on to provide some of the most spectacular and challenging climbing that Ireland has to offer. The landscape of the Burren provides many opportunities for climbers ranging from smaller, friendly inland outcrops to the more intimidating and serious challenges such as the aptly named 'Mirror Wall' on the Ailladie seacliff (for experienced climbers only!)

If you have never climbed before, Bens Rockclimbing Clinic offers courses and one off sessions for all levels, you can climb, abseil and push your boundaries higher than you ever thought you could. No experience is needed.  They provide all equipment and instruction to help you have a safe fun experience in a unique setting. Don’t worry if your nervous about heights as they build up the level slowly so you gain confidence as you go

Rockclimbing lessons generally run for two hours (other packages available) with a basic introduction to equipment, safety procedures and climbing techniques. Normally beginners get 2 to 3 climbs and an abseil or two in this time. However it does depend on the group a little.