Doolin Cave

Doolin Cave is one of Europe’s most compelling cave attractions. ‘The Great Stalactite’ It is your only opportunity to see such a large free hanging stalactite anywhere in the world.
From the moment you descend over 80ft into the first tunnel, with your guide, you will enter a world carved by water. Donning your hardhat, you will follow the rough-hewn route of the early explorers who first discovered the cave. When you enter the stunning, cathedral-like dome that houses the huge stalactite, you will be briefly plunged into a world of primitive darkness. Then, in a flash, you will be awed as the subtly-lit stalactite appears before you. And, far below, a magical stream carries to the hills outside, the water that carved the primeval world around you.
Perfect for families.
The cave tour takes approximately one hour. Environmental protection measures require that we limit the numbers per tour to 20 people.

Hourly tours (on the hour) every day from 10:00am - 5:00pm